Volunteerism and Ice Cream: A reflection on my time at STL Food Angels

By Nishkala Shivakumar, Director of Operations

My dad has this saying, “How do you eat a mountain of ice cream? … Answer: One scoop at a time.” It’s not at all eloquent or really even logical much like the majority of my dad’s ramblings. Sitting through the past 4 months, however, has brought new relevancy to this adage. In these unprecedented times, it quite literally feels like we are sitting before the heavyweight champ of ice cream mountains with the caveat that the ice cream is far from delicious. It’s like one of those Harry Potter jellybeans where it looks like green apple but tastes like fecal matter. The curse of this mountain is that every time you finish a scoop, another two scoops appear in its place. The last 4 months have brought painful circumstances, painful revelations, and painful memories. As we muddle through the time ahead, it seems like there will be no end to the pain; examining one pain only reveals more of the same. It was in this environment that I began working with STL Food Angels as the director of operations and joined a lovely, enthusiastic team in choosing to do so. 

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